Back to School Hair Basics 101

“Don’t look back. You’re not going that way.”  ~ Anonymous (For more inspiring back to school quotes, click here!) 

I just dropped my oldest son off at college in Florida (boo hoo), and it was truly one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. In my mind, he is still the adorable little boy clutching my hand on the first day of school, not the handsome, grown man about to take on the world without me! Those memories are precious, and I reminded myself that they could never be replaced, not even by the fancy college ones. He will always be my baby. It’s just time to spread his wings.  Maybe it will even help me spread my own. Plus, it’s good practice for starting fresh in the new fall season. September is the perfect month for exciting beginnings, even if that means letting go of the past.

Fortunately, not everyone spends their September clutching old family pics and crying into their wine glasses (but for those moms of college-aged kids, I feel your pain!) but I do think it’s safe to say that we ALL mourn the loss of lazy summer days at the beach. However, the intense sun, wind, sea, and salt have severely compromised our hair and skin. It’s now time to give those dry, droopy strands the moisture they deserve. So drop the summertime blues and let’s kick this detox party into full gear!

Quick Tip:

Getting your hair in perfect back-to-school condition doesn’t have to require endless hours in the salon. Any good teacher (and stylist) will tell you that being prepared and having the right tools will always put you at the head of the class.


mythic oil

Back to School Bootcamp: Cut, Cleanse, and Condition

Even the best products in the world won’t accomplish what a healthy trim or cut can. Removing those dry, split or dead ends is the first step to kicking your hair back into shape. Just don’t do anything drastic, especially if you are going away to school and won’t have access to your beloved stylist (I hope that’s ME!).  But, if you’re dying for a change, do something subtle like adding or growing out bangs, trying a new part, or buying some fun, new hair accessories.

Other boot camp hair basics include using a detox shampoo, which will remove any harmful toxins or minerals that may be clogging up your hair shaft, as well as a deep conditioning treatment. If you really want to bathe your roots in love, try our ProFiber or Mythic Oil line.  These are the best remedies for over-processed, damaged hair. Quality products will not only help maintain the health and integrity of your hair, but they will also give you long lasting blow outs. If that’s not a bonus, then I don’t know what is!

Trade Secret: DIY Hot Olive Oil Treatment

If you are already tucked away in your dorm room and forgot your mythic oil, try doing a hot olive oil treatment. I should warn you though that this can be a messy process so make sure you have access to a bathroom or some clean rags to wipe up any spills. 

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil; microwave, shower cap, hot towel (optional)  

Instructions: Heat just enough oil to cover your hair (approximately 1/4 to 1/2 cup of oil depending on the length of your hair) in the microwave until warm. Be careful not to make it too hot! Then, carefully distribute the olive oil to the ends and dried pieces. If your hair is on the naturally oily side, avoid applying the oil directly to your scalp or bangs. Once you have dispersed all the oil, put on an old shower cap, read a magazine for about an hour, and then wash it out with a mild or moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. (For an extra deep conditioning and maximum shine, wrap a warm towel around the shower cap and then let your hair dry Au Naturel.)  

Timing is Everything: How the Right Cut and Tools Can Make a Difference

Fall is not only one of my favorite times of the year, it is also my busiest. But I am definitely not complaining. While my clients are happily transitioning to new schools and faces, I’m going through my own changes, and I am so grateful for the distraction. The salon is buzzing with excitement over the hottest fall trends and we are all anticipating the holiday months. Before back to school even rolls around I make sure to stock the low-lighting colors because everyone wants to go a little bit darker to complement those gorgeous cashmere wraps we will soon be wearing. In the summer, I don’t want to see any red shimmer in my hair, but come the fall, I say bring on the heat. The most popular color requests for college students are ombre and balayage because less roots mean less trips to the salon! For my girls who leave the area, this is key. Other time-saving tips include layered cuts, straight and sleek styles, funky top knots, and lots of cool hair accessories.  Check out some of’s  A+ hairstyles for your best back to school ever! 

Quick Tip:

When you have to wake up EXTRA early and don’t have time to wash your hair, our dry shampoo is a great product to have on hand. This fabulous invention not only absorbs oil, but it will also give you that extra lift and volume. Attention Moms: This could make a great addition to those sweet “I miss you” care packages! 

Aside from having a no-fuss style, the right tools mean you can press snooze a few more time before class. Anyone who blows out their hair knows this is so true! Sally Hershberger stylist Chris Rios says that a good boar hair brush is ideal for blow-drying and styling, but it’s all about what feels right for you. And finally, the BEST thing for your hair and complexion is a GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP! I know this may not be on your top list of priorities, but a mom can only hope.

I wish everyone a fabulous Back to School, and hopefully, by the time you see me over the holiday break, I will be sipping my wine, laughing, and loving my new fall hair color! Call us today to book your next appointment. We will have so much to catch up on!

~ Kelly A.