Building the Boutique at Razberri’s: It’s the Berri on Top!

People often ask me what drives me every day. I’m a business owner, mom, wife, and at the core, a stylist. Running a hair salon never felt like work because it’s all I ever wanted and what I always dreamt about. In fact, I’m still dreaming 20 plus years later, which is maybe what sets me apart. No matter how smoothly things are running, I am always one frame ahead. It’s fun to imagine how I can take something that is already beautiful and make it even more perfect. That’s not work. It’s survival. I live, and love, to make people feel good.  It’s who I am and what I’ve built my whole career on. In a touch-screen world, I’m very blessed that I still get to feel, smell and see beauty every single day.


When the opportunity to take over the space next to the salon was presented to me, I knew I had to see past my fears of yet another build-out and revisit the dream that once drove me to create the place my team and I now call home. I am an eternal optimist so it wasn’t hard to visualize what this dusty, empty space could look like. I knew I could fill the blank walls with inspiration from places I’ve seen around the world and beautiful objects you could actually touch. In my mind, I saw people laughing, coming together and having a different kind of shopping experience. It would be that last minute stop on your way home or the perfect excuse to run out for some much needed alone time. Whatever the reason, I designed the boutique to make people feel the same way they do when they walk into the salon: HAPPY!


Growing up, one of my favorite places to go was the General Store. It was like walking into a fairy tale, where every turn sparked a familiar sense. From the sweet-smelling treats to the hum of holiday music, it was pure magic. I was sad to see it close many years ago but I never forgot its unique charm. In fact, that storybook mood was exactly the inspiration I used to create the look at the Berri Boutique…a little bit whimsical with modern, natural elements so you almost feel like you are walking through an enchanted wonderland.  It’s absolutely delicious, and every line is carefully hand-picked by me because of the story and the wonderful people behind it.

It’s been a long process, but here we are with 6,000 square feet of AHHH-MAZING space. The entire front section is now completely devoted to what I happily call retail therapy. Yup! Face to face, up close and personal, old school shopping. Now, I love online shopping like nobody’s business, but there are those nights when I just want to get out by myself and actually take home something special, just for ME. It’s instant gratification and it feels so well-deserved. I want to give everyone else that same feeling, but on a more personal level.

So next time you come to the salon, you will be greeted by an eclectic display of items inspired by some of the places I’ve traveled. Take a seat at the farm table crafted by a local artisan and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa or a glass of wine while you take it all in. From Vadavas, a hand-crafted jewelry line made exclusively by single moms (my heroes!) to Grace and Lace, a cool, edgy clothing company featured on Shark Tank, we have so much to choose from. Remember, it’s our job and our pleasure to make you feel inspired, so whether you are sitting in one of our chairs or hanging at the farm table, we want you to have an experience that just clicks, and I don’t mean with your phone! 

The Berri Boutique will open its doors this Friday, the 29th, and I can’t think of a better way to ring in the holiday season (my personal favorite!). Grab a sweet gift for your favorite hostess with the mostess, or maybe some fragrant bath bombs and soaps for that special princess in your life. Little Greenies is a new, fun hair and skin line, and of course, the boutique wouldn’t be complete without some good ol’ hair products and tools for all the beauty junkies out there (you know who you are!). In addition to carrying our signature L’Oreal, we have a few new must-haves like Oribe. WOW!

It’s been a lengthy journey to get here, but the ride was definitely worth it. I am so grateful I hung onto my dreams, and after months of hard work, I can’t wait to share ALL the good vibes. Whether it’s in my chair, at our table, or in the swing (yup, we have one of those, too!) you always have a place where the best version of YOU is right at your fingertips, no screen necessary! See you soon!