We invite you to improve your skin, look fantastic and feel incredible.  At Razberri’s you will relax while rejuvenating  your body, mind and soul.  Indulge in pure relaxation as you choose from our menu of facials, massages and makeup services.

ULTIMATE FACIAL | Does your skin need attention in multiple areas?  This facial takes care of ALL your skin care needs.  This combination of treatments includes everything we need to handle your specific concerns. The Ultimate Facial includes double cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extractions, mask, vitamin C serum, and moisturizer. In addition you will enjoy a hand paraffin treatment along with a relaxing neck, shoulder, arm and hand massage.  50 minutes $90.00

TWEEN FACIAL | Does your tween want to learn what is best for their skin?  Let our licensed professionals give a knowledgeable lesson to our youngest guests. Using the most gentle products made of botanicals and herbs, we will use a cleanser, toner, mask and moisturizer. They will feel most confident in their own skin.  45 minutes $55.00

SENSITIVE SKIN CARE | Do you need to be careful with your choice of skin care? Try our botanical and herb products that are extremely gentle and soothing. The scent alone will automatically ease your mind. This facial includes dual cleanser, toner, mask, and moisturizer.  While relaxing enjoy a neck, shoulder, arm and hand massage.  50 minutes $80.00

DEEP CLEANSING FACIAL | Do you have problematic breakouts?  This facial is for you. You will receive an acne cleanser, hydroxyl face peel and neutralizer, steam and a variety of serums to dissolve sebum and fight free radicals. We also include a mask to control oil and impurities. This facial would not be complete without extra extraction time and moisturizer that won’t leave you oily. Enjoy a relaxing neck, shoulder, arm and hand massage.  50 minutes $80.00

FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH FACIAL | Do you desire hydrated, firmer skin, and want it NOW! This facial is ideal for firming and anti-aging. Elevate your skin to a new level with this facial to fight wrinkles and fine lines. Our cleanser, toner and moisturizer will protect your skin leaving it youthful. Also includes a mask, steam, neck, shoulder, arm and hand massage.  50 minutes $80.00

RADIANT & GLOWING | Is your dull and hyperpigmented skin in need of attention? Get ready to be radiant!  Let us double cleanse, tone, exfoliate, mask, use serums and moisturize you. You will also appreciate the relaxing neck, shoulder, arm and hand massage.  50 minutes $80.00

MINI FACIAL| Would you like to see what all the talk is about?  Consider this your chance to be pampered with your busy lifestyle.  While you are having your color processed or just want to stop in this is the service for you. Enjoy a cleanse, toner, exfoliant, mask, moisturizer and hand massage.  30 minutes $35.00

Hand paraffin $15.00
Scalp massage $10.00