Giving Back is Good for the Soul

“If you get, give. If you learn, teach.” ~ Maya Angelou

Can you imagine a life in which everyone lived by this code? Paying it forward and passing it on should be a daily mantra, but sometimes life gets in the way, and we forget to say thank you.  No one is perfect all of the time, but I do believe that each day is sprinkled with moments where we get the chance to restore hope and ignite inspiration. The question is, do we stand still long enough to realize when those moments arrive? Unfortunately, my instinct says that we don’t, and are often left depleted and unfulfilled.

I am not only a mother to four amazing kids, but I am also mom to a whole tribe of talented women who have dedicated themselves to transforming others. Together, over the years, we have built a home that stands on love, friendship, and of course, great hair! I am one of the lucky ones who found my purpose early in life as well as a generous support system who believed in me. For me, giving back isn’t just a way of showing gratitude. It also fills me up and drives me to expand the close-knit community I created. Through such efforts, we build mutual respect, lifelong connections, and positive environments. And it doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. Sometimes, the smallest gesture can be the greatest gift. Here’s what works for me:

How to Give Back: A Restoration Blueprint for the Mind, Body & Soul

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of giving back is to send in return or reply: restore, return.

The magical moments are there. Sometimes, they just need to be woken up! As a Toms River High School East native and football mom, I seized the opportunity to pair two of my greatest loves for a fantastic cause: a yoga fundraiser to help benefit the TR HS East football team. Add some wine, chocolate, and spa goodies and you have yourself a night of pure bliss and goodwill. I called on one of my good friends, Joelle Lanfrank, who is both a TR East alumnus AND lovable yogi, and together we designed an evening of relaxation and restoration. A night of giving back, to each other and ourselves. The result was awe-inspiring and proved that one small gesture does indeed bridge gaps and connect lives.

Let’s Get Physical: The Yoga Connection

In a world where change is constant, the only thing we can count on is the relationship we have with ourselves. We may not be able to change others, but we can definitely improve our internal hardware. Cultivating that mind-body connection is vital to our overall success, peace, and happiness. That profound relationship is the best tool you own to quiet the noise and defeat adversity. How we navigate that process is different for each of us, but no matter what path you choose, any physical practice that brings you more connected to your mind and body will keep you healthy and whole. For me, unwinding on a yoga mat is my happy place. It keeps me grounded and aware. But what makes me even happier is connecting (ahhh, there’s the word of the day!) my love for yoga and my dedication to the salon, my team, our customers, and this community.  And that, friends, is what you call harmony!



#NeverStop: The Mental Connection

Replenishing our bodies and spirits are paramount to our overall health, but taking care of our minds is equally as important. As an education-driven salon, it’s a constant goal to help my team develop their skills and nourish their love for hairstyling. Like the above quote says, teach what you know. That’s my gift to everyone who walks through the salon doors. In an article from, Gerard Scarpaci – master stylist at Arrojo Studio in New York City – says that continuing education is not just about honing the students’ skills but also motivating others who may have lost some of their passion. When stylists attend a workshop, they have a support system where they feel comfortable experimenting. “It’s hard to try new things in the salon, but in training, you have a license to experiment and you don’t have to feel bad about making a mistake,” says Scarpaci, who points out that mistakes can often lead to new discoveries.

Giving Back and Going Forward: What’s Ahead at Razberri’s

For many businesses, the winter can be a slow season, but at Razberri’s, things are heating up! On December 11th, Travis Parker from is coming to the salon for a cutting class. We also have Jo Blackwell-Preston, President of Dop Dop Salon in NYC, L’Oreal Professionnel Portfolio Artist, and Master Color Artist/Motivational Speaker, on the calendar for 2017. #SPEECHLESS! Other happenings include a Profiber seminar, a breast cancer awareness event to raise money for a local family, and a business class focusing on salon emotions. After that one, the team and I will definitely need to restore, rebalance, and reboot with another fun yoga night.

However you decide to give back to the world, you can rest assured that your efforts will be appreciated and recognized. Even more so, YOU will feel empowered, fulfilled, and connected. If I may quote Ms. Angelou once more (and why not??) “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” I’m pretty sure she was onto something here. I know how I’ll continue to show my gratitude.

How will you? 

For more information about upcoming special events at Razberri’s Salon & Spa, please stay connected with us on Facebook and Instagram @razberris.


~ Kelly A.