Spa Pedicures: Your Next Great Escape

Did you know that the average person takes 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day? That adds up to about 115,000 miles over a lifetime and one hell of a trip! I may be too busy to count my steps, but I can assure you that my incredible journey as a hairdresser and salon owner has taken me through tons of peaks and valleys. And I have the sore feet to prove it. Like most women, my day begins at 5:00 a.m. and ends somewhere around 9:00 p.m. After ten hours of standing, my achy soles (and cranky inner soul) are screaming for a glass of red wine and a comfy place to rest. I’ll take the couch if I have to, but a warm, relaxing pedicure will always be first on my list. Like Marilyn Monroe said, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”  Amen to that, but if her feet are so swollen and cramped that they don’t fit in those pretty little shoes, then what’s the point?

That is precisely the reason I designed our new Escape Spa Pedicures. Ok, I admit I had somewhat of an ulterior motive, (someone had to test the waters!) but I don’t think anyone is complaining, right?

These one-hour aromatic trips through your senses are delightfully indulgent and well-deserved. Plus, pedicures are loaded with health benefits, so you NEVER have to feel guilty about taking time for yourself. I don’t. Here’s why:

Pedicures Kick Fungus Straight in the You-Know-What.

Our feet are usually the last place to receive any attention, especially during the winter months. A warm soak and gentle massage with oils and lotions help preserve the moisture and integrity of your feet, which prevents infections caused by pesky cracks and blisters. Also, clipping, cutting and cleaning your toenails prevents them from growing inward and causing harm. And if that’s not enough reason to get a pedi, eliminating dirt and bacteria from your feet (EEWWW!) derails nail diseases (fungi) and foot odors. Ok, when is my next appointment???

Pedicures Get the Blood Moving.

Every good pedicure includes a soothing massage, which most people would argue is the icing on the cake, or should I say, the bubbles in your bath water!  “With a foot massage, you are putting all of your joints through a full range of motion to help decrease stiffness, ” says Dr. James Rippe, cardiologist and editor of American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. Increased blood circulation helps reduce pain, relieve tension in the calves and feet, and distribute heat throughout your body.

All the more reason to get an Escape Spa Pedi during the chilly winter months! Turn up the heat, baby! 

Pedicures Peel Away the Bad Stuff.

Exfoliation, or removal of dead skin cells, prevents the cells from accumulating and causing calluses, bunions, or corns. Calluses are the body’s natural way of protecting itself and corns are painful patches of thickened skin often caused by irregular walking patterns, repeated friction, or yup, you guessed it, high-heeled shoes. During a pedicure, removing the dead skin on your feet, especially on the heel, encourages new cell growth which creates smoother, prettier, and much happier feet.

And finally, my personal favorite… Pedicures Soak Up Stress.

When I sit back in that chair and soak my tired, achy feet, all the world shuts off, and I am 100% relaxed. Goodbye to tense, stiff Kelly, and Hello to Happy, Peaceful Kelly! Oooommmmm….

I think my team is reading this and saying Thank GOD for pedicures (and meditation). 


I don’t disagree that Carrie Bradshaw knew a thing or two about shoes, but I know pedicures. And planning great escapes. Put the two together and you have pure magic, or what I call Escape Spa Pedicures.  I’ve taken my top three destinations and designed a sweet retreat for your feet. Where else can you close your eyes and escape for one full hour to a gorgeous island, ALONE? We don’t use jets in our tubs. Instead, we fill them with fragrant flowers and salts to soak up the stress of your day. So, all you have to do is choose your location, pick your scent, and enjoy the trip. We’ll wake you when it’s over.



The Bahamas…

Nothing says tropical quite like the Bahamas. I’ve been going there since I was a teenager, and I find something wonderful and new every time. I even chose to get married there a year ago. The magic of the Caribbean has the power to refresh and relax every part of your being. Here, you’ll be swept away by sweet coconut and lush flowers. Top it off with a cup of hibiscus tea or a delicious tropical drink.

Key West

Ah, the laid-back lifestyle. I have only been to Key West a few times, but it left such an impression on me that I plan to retire there someday. (Not anytime soon. Don’t worry!) Who wouldn’t want to end their day with a tequila sunrise and a slice of key lime pie? This southern charmer is all about limes, lavender, and staying chill.

Sorrento, Italy

Another place close to my heart and also my honeymoon destination, Sorrento was a dream come true, full of history, family, and love. From the food to the wine, everything the Italians do is showered with love and pride. They know what the fruit of life is and are happy to share it with the world. The Sorrento Escape will tantalize you with scents of lemon, orange, and jasmine. And don’t forget to pour yourself a glass of limoncello. When in Rome, or should I say, when in Razberri’s!

Our Spa Escape Pedicures are $35 for one full hour of pure bliss, but for those who need an express ticket, you can get a mini version with all the same perks for $25. Holiday-themed pedis will also be making their debut in the fall so stay tuned.

Remember, it’s not about the destination, but the journey. Having pretty toes is a plus, but we need to keep our feet, and soles, healthy and happy because there so much beauty to see in the world. And don’t forget to take a moment and smell the flowers. You never know what you might discover right here in your backyard!

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~ Kelly