Spotlight Saturday – Diana P.

It’s a beautiful thing when a passion and a career come together. ~ Author Unknown

The creative team at Razberri’s is what sets us apart from all the rest. We aren’t just hairstylists; we are artists, students, friends, and family. I designed this salon to feel like you were sitting in your best friend’s house, laughing and doing what girls do best: BEING FABULOUS! But without my team, I wouldn’t be able to bring that vision to life. They make this salon Stand Out. Diana P. is one of those reasons why… not only is she an amazing stylist, she is also a new mom to a gorgeous little baby boy! Congratulations, Diana! We wish you and your family much love and happiness! Welcome to Spotlight Saturday!

~ Kelly A.


Name and Title or Area(s) of Expertise?

Diana P, Hairstylist and Beauty Adviser



Three words to describe yourself:

Driven/ Happy/ Genuine

Favorite Quote:

Absolute favorite quote is: “Everything happens for a reason!” Something I live by on a daily basis!

What do you love most about your job?

Not many people could say they love to wake up and go to work. For me, I absolutely enjoy walking into Razberri’s and being a part of an amazing family of girls. Besides that, making people feel and look pretty makes me so happy. When they walk out with a smile I know I did my job. Whether it’s a simple haircut or a complete makeover, it all makes me so happy as long as my client walks out with a smile on her face.

What’s the best advice you give your clients?

One piece of advice I always give is to do what makes you happy. A lot of times I hear “Well, my husband/boyfriend wants it like this.”  Or, “He doesn’t like it like that.”  And of course I understand the one thing you want is to make your spouse look at you and drool, but in the end, YOU have to be happy.

What’s your hair tip for the season?

My top tip for hair color this year is to STAY AWAY FROM STORE BOUGHT BOX COLOR and that’s not just for this year, that goes for every year. What happens is, if there is some sort of a mess up or maybe you just want to go lighter, it makes our job so much harder. The last thing I want is someone leaving the salon not happy because they box colored their hair and I couldn’t fix it right away. Leave it up to the professionals!

What makes you STAND OUT at Razberri’s?

I think what makes me stand out at Razberri’s is my constant change in hair color/cut. I’m always trying the new trends and wanting to update myself before anyone else. Education is the key. And if there is something I really like on myself, it’s something I will try on someone else.

Do you have any hair regrets?

My biggest hair regret is not going with my gut. Thinking way too much and going against my first thought. And then not getting the results I wanted because I overthought, lol.

AND FINALLY… Blonde, Brunette, or Redhead?

I really don’t have a preference in hair color. It all depends on the client and their skin tone. One person may be a great redhead and the next may be a great blonde. I love hair color in every shade! Especially because I’ve probably been every color in the books!


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