Tanning services

Whether you’re looking for a healthier lifestyle or need to find tanners that do not irritate your sensitive skin, the latest organic spray tan solutions are ideal for anyone who prefers to use natural beauty products. While they are generally considered safe for topical use, many common chemicals that are put into over-the-counter cosmetics can dry out your skin. There is also a slight chance that your skin can absorb a small amount of potentially toxic chemicals if you use the same products on a daily basis.

In addition to protecting your health, the shift to organic products has a lot to do with saving the environment. All-natural cosmetics that are made with sustainable technologies have a smaller impact on the environment and animals than beauty products that are manufactured using traditional processes

spray tanning services

  • Full Body

    $35 per session

  • Eye Lash Fill Ins


Tan Extending Lotions Available for Purchase at Salon

Prices subject to change at any time.


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