Top Five Reasons to Destress at the Salon

I’m having a bad hair day!” is the dreaded phrase no one wants to hear. You might as well crawl back into bed, pull the covers over your head, and stalk the weather channel hoping that tomorrow will bring better-behaved hair! As the crown we never take off, our hair is so deeply connected to a positive self-image. It addition to contributing to our self-esteem and confidence, it also represents a sense of control. Styled, well-maintained hair gives us the external appearance of being organized and contributes to feeling that way internally. Some people say that a great manicure or pedicure also creates a similar sense of feeling in control. (I totally agree!) And just in case you’re wondering, this isn’t new-aged philosophy ushered in by the social media wave. In ancient Greek and Roman timesluxurious hair and elaborate wigs symbolized royalty, wealth, and status. Just envision the sultry Cleopatra and her gorgeous thick, black locks. Wig or not, I’ll have what she’s having!  

Aside from a sense of empowerment, looking AND feeling beautiful carry so many other benefits. However, women often feel guilty for taking the time out to pamper themselves, but in these hectic days of carpools, full-time careers, and never-ending family obligations, we need it more than ever! Here’s a little coaxing: 

Top Five Reasons to Spend the Day (or even a few hours) at the Salon:

1-Glowing Skin ~

If you’re tired, overwhelmed, or stressed, chances are good it’s showing up on your face. Whether you opt for a deep cleaning, exfoliation, or the whole nine yards, a facial can help diminish the signs of aging, clear up blemishes, and deliver a healthy youthful glow.

2-Relaxed Muscles ~

How many of us feel like a ball of stress on any given day? Or what about the countless hours we spend hunched over a computer or standing on our feet day in and day out? (My girls are cringing right now!) A deep massage can greatly reduce anxiety, digestive disorders, headaches, soft tissue strains, sports injuries, and joint pain. It can also help you better cope with your lovable yet demanding children AND anyone else in your life who causes you stress. (You know who you are, lol!)

3-Happier You ~

Did you know that spending less time on your phone can actually make you nicer??? Yup! An interesting study last year found that when people used cell phones they were less likely to be good to others or welcome volunteer opportunities. Overusing technology is also linked to mental health issues like depression, stress, and sleep disorders. PLEASE, TAKE ANYTHING BUT THE SLEEP!

4-Healthy Nails ~

God knows I don’t have to convince any woman to come in and get her nails done, but there are numerous health benefits that extend way beyond aesthetics. I’ve actually talked about this in great detail in a previous Berri Blog. But just in case you need a recap, taking care of your nails can help promote a youthful appearance by peeling away dead skin, derailing nail diseases, and circulating blood flow. And oh yea, it relieves stress. #NoBrainer.  

5-Hair-apy ~

Translation: A Pinterest-worthy blowout is just as, if not more, effective than any therapy session. What is it about hairdressers that people trust so implicitly? Sometimes, that magical connection only takes mere moments.  For me, building trust is an intrinsic part of my job, my training, and my heart. Creating and cultivating that bond is paramount to my success as a stylist. Not only am I aware that it provides a necessary release for my clients, but it also fulfills something for me. It’s part of a hairdresser’s job to deeply listen to the wants and needs of his or her customer so that she can walk out of the salon with Cleopatra-like confidence!

quesWhat’s your #1 reason for spending the day at the salon? I’d love to know! 

So, we know HOW good it is to pamper ourselves, the question is, WHEN are you going to let yourself kick back and cut loose? For those of us who need an excuse, I’m sure you can convince a few of your girlfriends to clear their schedules and spend time getting gorgeous. We are now offering private packages for Bachelorette Parties, Girls’ Night Out, and for our most precious and smallest fashionistas (because it’s NEVER too early to get pampered) Princess Spa Birthday Parties.

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~Kelly A.