Of all the most common hair concerns, dealing with oily hair is one local hairdressers hear about most. If you have thinner strands, your hair probably becomes greasy quicker than you’d prefer. While some of us may want to throw on a baseball cap and hide our locks, there are some changes you can make in your routine to tame your oily hair. Follow these four simple tips to achieve a healthy, balanced mane.


  1. Wash your hair less often. While this may sound counterintuitive, washing your hair too frequently could be the cause of your greasy roots. When you notice an oily scalp and quickly hop in the shower to wash your hair, you’re stripping your hair of its natural sebum. In response to this, your body will replace it with more oil. Results will not happen overnight, but you can put a stop to this never-ending cycle by skipping one or two washes per week.


  1. Reach for a lightweight shampoo. When it comes to choosing the right product for your hair type, we always recommend asking your local hair stylist. If you have fine, oil-prone hair, you will want to avoid shampoos that contain heavy silicones and oils. A lightweight Oribe shampoo will gently cleanse your hair without weighing it down. Weightless, volumizing shampoos can also be the trick to adding fullness to limp, lifeless strands.


  1. Apply your conditioner properly. The way you apply conditioner can be the saving grace for your oily roots. We advise only applying conditioner on the ends and avoiding the scalp entirely. Not only will this help you save on product, but it will keep your hair from looking flat and greasy. Be sure to thoroughly rinse your hair after washing and conditioning, because often what appears as grease is actually just Oribe shampoo and conditioner that hasn’t been completely rinsed out.


  1. Avoid touching your hair. The sweat and oils from your hands can transfer to your hair, resulting in oily locks. Resisting the urge to touch your hair may be difficult, but if you’re prone to greasy roots, it is best to leave your hair alone as much as possible. Next time you stop by your local hair salon, ask your stylist for a cut that will be easy to maintain with minimal effort throughout the day to avoid touching.


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