You’ve met the one, you booked your dream venue, and the big day is coming up faster than you thought! Your wedding day is your time to shine, and you deserve to feel as confident and beautiful as ever! What is the key to a wedding hairstyle you love? Working it all out during your bridal hair trial! A trial for your bridal hair is the time for you to meet and connect with your stylist and come up with a style that suites you best. Below are some tips and tricks to ensure that your hair trial goes as smoothly as possible!

#1. Do Your Homework – The first step to having the best hair trial possible is finding the right stylist for you! Take your time, type “local hair salons in my area” into your search bar, and find a NJ hair stylist that specializes in wedding hair and makeup. Your stylist should be able to take inspiration from the dozens of pinned photos on your wedding Pinterest board, and give it a unique twist to make your hairstyle all your own! If you haven’t booked your bridal hair trial yet, Razberri’s stylists are some of the best! Call (732) 506-0110 to see if they are the right fit for you.

#2. Use Photos as Inspiration, Not Instruction – Photos are an excellent way to convey your style, your likes, your dislikes, and your absolute “do nots.”  It is crucial to understand that everyone’s hair is unique, and even if the model in the photo appears to have hair similar to your own, every style is different on every head. Many brides and models use clip-in extensions to achieve the desired fullness or length, so it is important to know your hair’s limits. Be open to your stylists’ suggestions, as they are the expert and know which styles may or may not work for your hair.

#3. Come Prepared – When you call your local hair salon to book your trial, ask your stylist how you can prep your hair before coming in. Many stylists recommend that clients with straight hair arrive with one-day dirty hair, meaning that they have washed and dried their hair the day before their trial appointment. On the other hand, it is recommended for curly-haired brides to wash their hair the day of the appointment to keep their natural curl pattern intact. Different stylists may have their own preferences when it comes to hair prep, and you should keep in mind that preparation can be based around the final style goal. After meeting with your hairstylist for your trial, they will be able to suggest products and provide tips and tricks to ensure that your hair is everything you have dreamed of on the big day when it really counts!

#4. Look The Part – Whether you believe it or not, your appearance on the day of your trial can play a role. While we do not recommend showing up to your appointment in your wedding dress, oftentimes brides may have a difficult time processing their wedding hair while wearing their favorite t-shirt. Local hairdressers recommend wearing makeup similar to your bridal makeup, and an outfit that gives you the look of feeling put-together and polished. When there isn’t a major disconnect between your hair style and your clothing, it is easier to envision how it would look as you walk down the aisle.

#5. Speak Up – Always remember that your stylist cannot read your mind. Your hair trial is not the time to shy away from speaking up, but do so politely! Do not hold back to spare your stylist’s feelings, because a professional will understand that just because you aren’t a fan of a certain style does not mean they aren’t an excellent stylist. Your hairstylist cares just as much as you do about you looking and feeling beautiful on your big day, so be sure to express any concerns you may have. This way, you and your stylist can both be thrilled about the final result!

Give Razberri’s Salon a call at (732) 506-0110 to speak to a professional about bridal services and more!



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