You’ve found the best blonde hair colorist, you booked your appointment at your local hair salon, and you leave looking like a princess after a hair cut, color, and style! Your hair is the perfect shade, and you are finally believing that blondes might actually have more fun! Nothing beats the feeling of a new hair makeover, and you are feeling more confident than ever. How can you keep your hair looking bold and bright after leaving the salon chair? To maintain your salon-fresh blonde, you’re going to need to be disciplined with your hair products and processes.

Switching to a shampoo formulated for blonde hair is the first step for an everlasting color! At Razberri’s Salon, we recommend Orbie hair products for high quality results. A good purple shampoo will help cancel out red and orange tones and keep your hair looking its best! Because lightening is the most intense chemical process your hair can undergo, blonde hair is at risk for damage and breakage. That is why you will also want to invest in a deep conditioner. If you need recommendations, always ask your local hairdresser which products will work best for your hair.

In addition to high quality products, there are steps you can take in your everyday life to maintain the beautiful color your stylist worked hard to create. Rinsing your hair with hot water opens the hair’s cuticles, which can result in fading color. We all love a hot, relaxing shower, but switching to cool water when it comes time to rinse your shampoo and conditioner will preserve your color. Relying heavily on hot tools for styling can drastically shorten the lifespan of your blonde hair, so be sure to begin with a protective styling spray and use a low temperature setting when you do use heat. For more tips and tricks, contact the experts at Razberri’s Salon by calling (732) 506-0110.

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