Does your hair not hold a curl no matter how hard you try? Do your curls fall within hours or even minutes?  One of the most commonly asked questions by NJ hair salon clients is why their hair doesn’t hold a curl when they style it at home. We’ve uncovered four main reasons why your curls aren’t lasting all night long.

  1. You’re Using The Wrong Temperature. When it comes to hot tools, such as a curling iron, you do not want to use heat over 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Using extremely hot temperatures can cause the hair’s cuticle to shut, which would lead to it not being able to hold a bend. Local hairdressers recommend using an Oribe hair heat protectant and aiming for a temperature that is under 350 degrees but will still create a curl. This temperature will vary depending on your hair texture, as well as the style you’re trying to achieve.
  2. Your Hair Is Too Long. If your hair isn’t holding a curl the way it used to, it may be time for a trim. Stop by your local hair salon for a hair cut, color, and style. If you have thick locks, ask your stylist to add layers. This will take some of the weight off, while keeping the length.
  3. You Aren’t Rinsing Your Hair Well Enough. Using quality products will help maintain your hair’s health. Even if you’re already using Oribe shampoo and conditioner, your rinsing technique plays a role in your hairs’ ability to hold a curl. If you aren’t thoroughly rinsing your hair after each step, it may result in an oily residue or coating on the strands. This could weigh the hair down. Spend extra time in the shower, ensuring that all the product has been rinsed out.
  4. You’re Using The Wrong Products. When it comes to styling, it is possible for your hair to be “too soft” to hold a curl. On days when you plan on curling your locks, skip the deep conditioner. Instead, after try using Oribe texturizing spray. This hair spray will add lift, texture, and volume to your hair. Texturizing spray is lightweight and will also help the curls last!

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