At Razberri’s Salon, we want you to look and feel your best this season and that’s why we created a list of summer glow tips to help you enhance your natural beauty! If you are questioning what a “glow up” is, it can be a physical and/or mental transformation to become your best self. From getting a new hair color to establishing a skin care routine and making better changes, everyone can partake to renew themselves this season. As a professional NJ salon, our team knows that summer is the best time to focus on the areas of yourself that you think need a boost. Read on for our recommended summer glow up tips!

  • Establish a skin care routine

It is important to create a skin care routine to not only improve your skin’s appearance and feel, but to ensure it remains in good condition throughout the year. As a form of self-care, a simple skin care regime can help you feel relaxed and pampered. Beginners are recommended to start with a basic cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen!

  • Get a new hair cut and color

Do you have a hair transformation idea you have been wanting but for some reason haven’t taken the leap? Start your summer glow up with a hair cut color and style session at our salon! Our team is ready to give you newfound confidence with an array styles and professional hair colors to step up your look!

  • Book a nail appointment

A summer glow up wouldn’t be complete without visiting our NJ nail salon for a manicure! Routine manicures keep your nails healthy, neat, and looking great for any occasion. No matter if you prefer a simple trim or want a vibrant design, Razberri’s Salon does it all!

  • Maintaining a solid sleep schedule

Nothing will make you feel your best quite like proper sleep! With eight hours of sleep, you will have more energy, an improved mood, and an enhanced immune system. Set up a schedule where you can consistently have eight hours of regular sleep a night and enjoy the benefits!

If you decide you need more assistance with your summer glow up, Razberri’s Salon is the perfect place to go! From eyebrow wax and lip waxing appointments to corrective color sessions and beyond, allow our skilled team of beauty experts to make your summer glow up the best one yet! Book an appointment today by calling (732) 506-0110.

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