You’ve just left the salon after a haircut, color, and style and you are feeling beautiful! Your hair has never looked shiner and it has never felt softer. Why is it that your hair always feels and looks better than ever when you are walking out of the local hair salon? The answer is PRODUCTS! At Razberri’s Salon, our stylists begin every style with Orbie shampoo and conditioner. Our hairdressers have put in the time to research and try out numerous brands, and we have concluded that Orbie products are some of the best on the market!

Are salon products REALLY worth it? Choosing which products to use on your hair is a lot like choosing what you put in your body. More nutritious foods will fuel your body more efficiently than junk food, and high-end products will leave your hair more nourished than drugstore ones. Salon products are highly concentrated and use high quality ingredients that nourish and hydrate your hair. While salon products do have a higher price tag, you won’t have to use as much product each time. Your professional shampoo and conditioner can last months longer than drugstore products when used correctly.

If you aren’t sure which products to invest in, don’t hesitate to ask your local hairdressers. Your stylist will be able to make product recommendations that will leave your hair looking salon-beautiful every day of the year! Each hair type has different hair needs, and your stylist will know which products will work best for you. Your drugstore cannot offer the same level of tailored service as your NJ hair salon can. Contact Razberri’s Salon by calling (732) 506-0110 for answers to all your product-related questions!

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