December is here! As we prepare to say goodbye to 2022, we are reflecting on some of the most popular beauty trends of the year. From hair to skincare and everything in between, this year’s beauty trends have totally changed the game. We’re excited to see which trends evolve into something new and which ones follow us into the new year! 

  1. Thick, luscious brows. When it comes to eyebrow shaping for men and women, we’ve been loving natural-looking brow shapes in 2022. After years of super thin, tamed brows, we have evolved to fluffy brows with not-so-perfect arches. Fluffy, thick brows do an excellent job of framing your eyes and this is a trend that isn’t going away any time soon! Next time you stop by your NJ salon for an eyebrow wax, ask your stylist to leave extra hairs to create fullness. 
  2. Chrome nails. Though there have been many noteworthy nail trends this year, the one that was on everyone’s radar was the “glazed donut” nail trend. Made popular by model, Hailey Bieber, this nail style has swept the internet. This trend was very popular for all ages as it adds some spice to a simple, classic nail look by adding a chrome finish to a natural, milky pink base. Try it out for yourself next time you visit the NJ nail salon! 
  3. “Bronde” hair. Though we still love our blondes, many icy blondes have opted to go for a more natural “bronde” color in 2022. This term refers to a hair color that is a blend of brunette and blonde. The best hair colorists create this look by combining highlights and balayage technique. This trend has been universal for blondes who want to look less summery or brunettes who want to add brightness to their locks without fully committing to the blonde.  

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